War in Ukraine: Vladimir Putin’s confusing threats to target new targets

Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned Western nations that Russia will strike new targets if the United States starts supplying long-range missiles to Ukraine, the DOS news agency reported on Sunday.

“If such missiles are delivered, we will hit targets we have not hit so far,” the Russian president told Russia-1 television. However, Vladimir Putin did not specifically mention these new goals. That is what the Russian president thinks The supply of arms to Ukraine is intended to prolong the conflict.

Rocket launch systems

Ukraine is trying to prepare itself to attack Russian positions and their arsenal with several missile rocket systems such as the M270 and M142 Himars. After receiving assurances from Ukrainians that these weapons would not be used to attack targets within Russian territory, US President Joe Biden promised to supply the Ukraine Rocket Launcher systems to Ukraine.

Despite these warnings from Moscow, Vladimir Putin believes that these advanced weapons supplies will not drastically change the situation on the battlefield.

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