War in Ukraine: “We must prepare for another massive missile attack by Russia at any time”, Zelensky’s ally warns

The words of the adviser of the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs indicate dark times for the Ukrainian people.

From the end of October, Ukraine has been the target of massive strikes by Russia. Bombings damage Ukrainian energy installations and cause blackouts across the country. A new Kremlin strategy aims to terrorize civilians in the backcountry as they face harsh winters. It seems that the dream of Ukrainians is not over.

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Adviser to Ministry of Home Affairs gives warning

“They need an average of seven to 14 days to prepare for a major missile strike. So basically, We have to be ready from today, unfortunately, the Russians can launch a massive attack at any timesaid Monday Vadim DenisenkoAccording to the report UnionA Ukrainian news agency.

The Advisor to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine He said safety rules should not be ignored and citizens should charge their batteries and store water.

From now on, we must be ready for a massive missile attack by the Russians at any moment, – Advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs Vadim Denisenko pic.twitter.com/wiyh5CrMRd

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