War in Ukraine: “Young Ukrainian Girl Seeks Russian Soldier”, Hackers’ New Trick to Find Enemy

The war in Ukraine has resulted in an unprecedented cyber war. With hackers competing in wits.

The War in UkrainePerhaps more than any other conflict, it has created a new genre fight. Our colleagues at the Financial Times Also describe Invasion of Ukraine By Moscow Like a Cyber ​​warfare Unprecedented with legions Hackers both sides”. Before the conflict, Ukraine employed 300,000 people Internet security. For the needs of the country, many of them have changed Pirate Any computer system can be hacked.

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Localized thanks to the exchange of photos

In a statement published online on September 4The FT thus tells the path of a group of Ukrainian hackers Hackyourdom. Nikita Naish, its president, describes the processes used by these modern-day players. Like these Bomb hoaxes Launched in small aircraft Russia Or the intrusion of connected security cameras, especially those that made it possible to find Russian sites.

More uncommonly, hackers have also created fake profiles Ukrainian women On that day Facebook Where Russian social networks. Once the photos are exchanged with the Russian soldiers, the trap can be closed. Thus the hackers were able to manage the enemy’s geolocation to finally share various data collected with the Ukrainian military.

“Russians, they always want …”Knysh told the Financial Times. “They send girls a lot of crap to prove they’re warriors”.

Ukrainian hackers create fake profiles of attractive women to trick Russian players into sharing their location, the report said. A few days later, the foundation exploded.https://t.co/8j61Fcfx6T

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