Washington considers Russia’s withdrawal from ISS “regrettable”.

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Cover Image: The International Space Station (ISS) is photographed from the Soyuz spacecraft on October 4, 2018. Handbook/Reuters

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  • EU countries reached on Tuesday, July 26, Gas consumption reduction agreement Next winter, after a new sharp drop in Russian supplies, they will reduce their dependence on Moscow.
  • Gazprom announced a new severe cut in gas supplies to Europe on Monday, July 25. From Wednesday, July 27, up to 33 million cubic meters daily, prompting the need for maintenance operations on one turbine. This is about 20% of the capacity of the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline, which is already only 40% used.
  • Gas and oil prices end up rising, on Monday, rekindled fears of a drop in hydrocarbon supplies from Russia. European natural gas prices were at €190 per MWh on Tuesday morning.
  • A residential area Kharkov, Ukraine’s second-largest city in the country’s northeast, was bombed on Tuesday, according to its mayor, Ihor Derekov. Russia launched S-300 missiles from Belgorod, said Maria Avdiyeva, director of research at the European Expert Association. “One touched the children’s soccer field; Second, [une zone] Near Metro Entrance”.
  • A “Mass Strike” Mykolive touched, On Tuesday morning, the regional governor of the city released a video where we see several explosions and black smoke. A critical infrastructure facility and an automotive company were reported to have suffered no casualties. Missiles also targeted the outskirts of the city and there were attempts to damage port facilities.
  • Britain’s Ministry of Defense has questioned Russia’s account Missile attack on Odesa on Sunday 24th JulyAt his end newsletter He posted on Twitter on Tuesday morning. The UK Department believes that: “The Russian Defense Ministry said it had hit a Ukrainian warship and a stockpile of anti-ship missiles. There was no indication that such targets were at the site where the missiles were hit. (…) Russia will continue to prioritize efforts to reduce and destroy Ukraine’s anti-ship capabilities. However, Russia’s targeting processes are often plagued by outdated intelligence, poor planning, and a top-down approach to operations. » Ukraine accuses Vladimir Putin of undermining the application The agreement was signed the day before to resume grain exports that had been halted by the war. The West and the UN Condemning the strike, Moscow rebuffed Turkey.
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