We will be with you until Ukraine wins, UK PM says on visit to Kyiv

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3:45 p.m : Yesterday, Russia accused the Ukrainian army of executing more than a dozen Russian soldiers who surrendered. “war crime”. Videos of this scene have been released “Left to the Experts” To confirm their credibility, Ukrainian civil servants are responding today. Asked by AFP, a UN spokesman said: “We are aware of these videos and are reviewing them”. He stressed that the culprits should be held accountable where appropriate.

4:42 p.m : “We will stand with you until Ukraine wins peace and security”British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has promised to visit Kiev and meet President Zelensky there, according to a video released by the Ukrainian Presidency.

2:57 p.m : See who’s meeting Zelensky in Kyiv today: British PM @RishiSunak (Source: https://t.co/BdTlCLBdz6) https://t.co/VoKQDaZs8j

4:28 p.m : New British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is in queue for an unannounced visit. “From the first days of the war, Ukraine and the United Kingdom were very powerful allies”Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky comments on Telegram, where he shares pictures of their meeting.

4:20 p.m : The Spanish government announced that it would send 14 new electricity generators to Ukraine in response to Russian attacks against the country’s energy infrastructure. Yesterday kyiv told the European Union “Additional Support” Winter is approaching.

2:09 p.m : “Poland’s decision (…) is provocative and unprecedented”, Russian diplomacy protested Warsaw’s decision to deny Sergei Lavrov entry into its territory the next day. At the beginning of December, the Russian Foreign Minister wanted to go to a meeting of diplomatic heads of various countries of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). Poland believes that people recognized by the EU cannot be included in the Russian delegation.

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4:16 p.m : According to a study conducted by the American Yale University (Connecticut), 226 people were illegally detained or forcibly disappeared in Kherson during the Russian occupation. half “Doesn’t seem to be released”According to a report by Conflict Monitor, a think tank backed by US diplomacy.

4:15 p.m : NATO condemns approach of two Russian warplanes “Dangerous and professionally approached” Alliance ships conduct routine operations in the Baltic Sea. The incident took place on Tuesday. Russia has not commented on this.

4:13 p.m : Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky yesterday rejected a ceasefire proposal with Russia. “Russia is now looking for a short truce, a time to regain strength. This could be considered the end of the war, but such a truce would worsen the situation.”He said this during a video conference intervention at an international forum on security in Canada. “True genuine, lasting and honest peace can only come from the complete destruction of Russian aggression”he added.

10:32 : Anya was on the Kiev-Kherson train. She finds her parents whom she hasn’t seen since January 7th. #Ukraine https://t.co/G1RnesF0Qj

10:32 : 10:03 Train arrival on #Kherson station line 1. First train after war started. #Ukraine https://t.co/43jp3n8mza

3:33 p.m : Our journalist Gilles Galinaro saw the arrival of the first Ukrainian train after liberation in Kherson a week ago. He left Kew last night.

09:37 : The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit ended with a joint statement by its members, who condemned “for the majority” War in Ukraine. It must be ratified by the 21 states that are part of it, including China and Russia, although we imagine they will be among the dissenting voices mentioned in the press release: “There were other perspectives and different assessments of the situation and the obstacles.”.

3:21 p.m : Let’s start by recalling the headlines of the last few hours:

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Climate summit talks have entered their last day after a long search for (in theory) an agreement.

Ukraine has asked the European Union for help after nearly half of its energy infrastructure was destroyed by Russian forces. Moscow, for its part, blames Ukrainian soldiers “war crime”.

• Kim Jong-un threatened to use a nuclear bomb against North Korea in the event of a nuclear attack, while his country launched a new intercontinental ballistic missile.

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