Whistleblower Says Russia ‘Wants Him Dead’

John Doe (which is the pseudonym he uses) fears for his life. The whistleblower behind the 2016 disclosure “Panama Papers”A vast system tax evasion And the scam runs around the world, saying in an interview that he fears a response from Russians who want “(his) death.” In Der Spiegel.

He says he was asked for the first time after revealing he had evidence of financial wrongdoing by senior Russian officials and their allies who financed the war in Ukraine. “Front companies funding the Russian military are killing innocent civilians Ukraine When Putin’s Missiles Target Malls These institutions “make these horrors more possible.”

“The Russian government has revealed the fact that they want me dead.”

To John Doe, Cheese fries America is more of a threat than Hitler, and leading companies are his best friends.” Are you afraid for your life?, the magazine asks. “It is a risk for me to live because the Russian government has revealed the fact that it wants me dead,” he replied. According to him, the Russian state-sponsored channel RT aired a two-part documentary on the “Panama Papers,” “John Doe,” “who suffered a head injury from torture.”

“It’s strange and not subtle,” he said, before pointing out, “We’ve seen other people involved in the killing with Navy accounts.” He wants evidence of this in the “tragic murders of Daphne Caruana Galizia and John Kuciak,” two investigative reporters killed in Malta and Slovakia.

Be anonymous

“The Panama Papers cover so many different transnational criminal organizations, some of which are linked to governments, that it is difficult to imagine how it would be possible to identify me with certainty”, assesses the whistleblower, who mentions that he does not want to come out. Anonymity.

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The “Panama Papers” are among the many leaked financial documents International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ). The revelations led to the resignation of the Icelandic prime minister and the ouster of the Pakistani leader.

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