With several explosions in the west of the country, the European Union is fighting to end the embargo on Russian oil

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  • At Donbass, Russian forces continue their offensive. Especially with fierce fighting around Izioum, Lyman and Roubijné. As May 9 approached, the governor of the Luhansk region said he expected the day of victory against Nazi Germany in Russia. “Intensity of bombings”.
  • Russia’s claims of war were heard “Tenacify” President of Ukraine Zhelensky Jew, Sergei Lavrov made a shout Confirms: “I may be wrong, but Hitler also had Jewish blood.” His Israeli colleague, Yair Lapid, judged these comments “Despicable, unforgivable”Condemnation “A terrible historical error”And summoned the Russian ambassador “Clarification”.
  • Throughout the day on Monday, Ukrainian officials hoped it could Restart the public evacuation from MariupolIt started this weekend with the release of a hundred people from Large Azovstel Steelworks. But the convoy, licensed by UNICEF and several NGOs, was delayed Monday evening from arriving in the Ukrainian-controlled city of Zaporizhia, some 200 kilometers northwest.
  • OdessaThe Russian-speaking Black Sea port, considered a major cultural center by Ukrainians and Russians alike, was the target of another Russian bombing on Monday.
  • Europeans are working to tighten their barriers Economy against Moscow. Twenty-seven energy ministers discussed the issue in Brussels on Monday. Schedule for phasing out of Russian oil imports, Which accounts for 30% of their oil imports. The European Union reiterated on this occasion its refusal to pay the ruble for its purchase of Russian gas. On Tuesday, May 3, Joseph Borel, the European Union’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs, announced that new Russian banks would be exempt from the Swift payment system. Finally, the contract with the Russian group Rosatom to build a nuclear reactor in northern Finland has been canceled.
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