worry According to Bruno Mayer, “We can’t keep getting hot and going around like nothing happened”!

Faced with the risk of energy shortages next winter, the economy minister warned, “We cannot afford to keep heating up and walk around as if nothing has happened”.
“Here is the hard part. We have to make bold choices. In a press conference during the economic meetings of Aix-en-Provence on Saturday, Bruno Le Maire returned to a possible change to replace the tariff shield with an additional targeting device next year, given the deterioration of public finances in the context of inflation. .and rising interest rates:

“This already leads to an additional debt burden of 12 billion euros. (…) The alarm level for the public finances has been reached”, said Economy Minister Hammer, while without the tariff shield, “the French would have paid 30% more for electricity and 50% more for gas” comments reported by Ouest-France.
The Percy tenant also mentioned the risk of energy shortages when several nuclear reactors shut down next winter, leaving France without access to Russian gas:

“We face complex choices,” he says. “Can our swimming pools continue to be heated? (…) We cannot continue to warm up and go around as if nothing happened,” he warns again.

None of the complex choices forced upon us and negotiations with Russia could have been completely avoided if we had cared.

In 1962, the Cuban Missile Crisis occurred.

The Soviet Union installed nuclear missiles in Cuba, i.e. in the “garden of the Americans” and took it very badly.

American generals are especially kind. They were ready to go to nuclear war and did not want to negotiate anything with USSR.

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The duration of this crisis? October 14 to 28, 1962.

13 days.

13 days where we don’t know if the sun will rise the next day, except for an apocalyptic and post-nuclear landscape.

JFK did not follow the military and the generals.

He negotiated with the Soviet Union.

In November 1961, the United States deployed 15 Jupiter missiles in Turkey and 30 others in Italy, which were said to be capable of reaching Soviet territory within minutes.

Nikita Khrushchev did to America what the Americans did to the Russians by stationing his missiles in Cuba.

But reciprocity is a strange thing.

Finally, Kennedy and Khrushchev agree to withdraw Soviet missiles from Cuba in 13 days, and then US missiles from Turkey 6 months later without public announcement, a secret agreement.

Kennedy was eventually assassinated.

Why tell you the story of this great history?

Because in 1962 peace and negotiations took 13 days.

If after months of Russian intervention in Ukraine we do not have peace or agreement, it is because neither party nor one side wants peace.

Those who do not like peace are prone to war.

There is no cowardice in trying to negotiate yet. Ultimately, everything in international relations always ends at a negotiating table.

The only difference is the number of dead before you get there.

So Bruno Meyer explains to you that you’re going to drool even if you don’t hear anything…!

13 Days is a must watch or rewatch movie.

Charles Channott

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