Xi Jinping opens 20th Communist Party Congress by defending his zero-covid strategy

The path remains unchanged. Xi Jinping’s third five-year term as leader of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) awaits, so at the end of the country’s five-year congress, Sunday morning, October 16, officially opened at the Palace of the People. , a large building in Stalinist architecture located in Tiananmen Square in Beijing.

The announcement will be made on October 23, the day after the end of XXe The CCP Congress will make Xi Jinping, who has been in power since 2012, the most powerful leader since the regime’s founder, Mao Zedong (1949-1976).

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XXe The CCP Congress intervenes “The entire Party and people of all races are at a crucial moment on the road to building a modern socialist country.”Xi said in his opening speech.

Arriving on stage to thunderous applause, Xi Jinping, 69, took stock of the past five years and began to lay out his blueprint for the next five.

Covid-19: China has “protected people’s safety and health to the highest degree”

After all, one of the key questions is whether or not to maintain strict health measures to combat the coronavirus pandemic — a zero-covid strategy inseparable from the Chinese president — and Mr. .

China has “People’s safety and health were greatly protected and significant positive results were achieved by integrating epidemic prevention and control with economic and social development.”He estimated.

President Xi Jinping addresses nearly 2,300 Chinese Communist Party delegates in Beijing on October 16, 2022.

This zero-covid policy has strengthened social control over citizens, whose every movement is now computerized, and the country has already been criticized internationally for human rights violations. Nationwide shutdowns and repeated lockdowns against the rest of the world have stalled growth, and this year should be the weakest in four decades, excluding the Covid-19 period.

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Taiwan: “We will never abandon the use of force”

He succeeded “External Forces” Mixed with Taiwan, which the Chinese regime considers part of its territory. “We will work with utmost sincerity and utmost efforts for peaceful reunification [de Taïwan], But we will never abandon the use of force and we reserve the right to take all necessary measures.He declared.

“The solution of the Taiwan issue is the business of the Chinese people [elle] must be resolved only by the Chinese people”He is the hammer. “The reunification of the fatherland must and will be achieved”He added, all condemnation “Separatism and Interventionism” Stranger in this case.

He also felt Hong Kong’s past “From Chaos to Rule” After Beijing violently seized the territory where the largest pro-democracy protests took place in 2019.

“Great success” in the fight against corruption

In his speech, Xi Jinping defended his fierce anti-corruption campaign, responding to critics who accused him of using it to bring down rivals and consolidate power. “The fight against corruption has been a huge success and has been comprehensively coordinated, removing serious dangers hidden within the CCP, the government and the military.”He welcomed.

According to official figures, at least 1.5 million people were punished during the campaign, which Mr. ) who craves bribes. As the Congress approached, the attack accelerated.

Climate: “We will actively participate in global governance”

Chinese President Xi Jinping has vowed that his country, one of the world’s biggest polluters, will continue its efforts against global warming.

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“We will actively participate in the global governance of climate change”The leader made the pledge during a speech at the Communist Party Congress in Beijing “Strengthening Clean and Efficient Use of Coal”.

A gripe imposed over the years

The 2,296 or so CPC delegates from all provinces, some of them wearing their traditional costumes, will appoint the new Central Committee by next Saturday, a kind of party parliament with about 200 members, including the Politburo and its members. Twenty-five heads of decision-making power.

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In fact, they will only check the decisions made by the various sensibilities of the CCP: when Xi Jinping came to power in 2012, he was chosen as a conciliator between the factions before imposing his grip on it for years.

This group of seven or nine personalities is the structure of the future standing committee at the highest peak of power. Xi should not leave room for a potential successor “He didn’t want someone blowing down his neck.”says Jean-Pierre Gabeston, a researcher based in Hong Kong and associated with the French think tank Asia Center.

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