20 shows I like people at first, but then I get bored

Well… when did you give up in “The Walking Dead”?

On a clear day, u/TheScrollingBones He asked his colleagues on Redditors p/tv Important EnquiryWhich TV show had a great pilot but became a huge disappointment after a few episodes? Here are the answers



Sony Pictures TV

“I’m not sure how many people know/remember this show, but IUD. Holy smokes, he has an intense pilot that puts on a great introduction, and while I personally didn’t find the show at all a “big disappointment”, he’s certainly pretty mediocre, if not a little less. “- u/foruth


Designated survivor

ABC / via giphy.com

Designated survivor It started great, but then turned into utter bullshit in just a few episodes. It’s a completely different show now… It’s gone from a thrilling government plot show to a West Wing drama, and it’s not working. “- Sh / Jato 1980



Fox / Via giphy.com

Fun. She had a smart, original, quirky pilot that poked fun at the kind of overly saturated after-school soap that became after the first thirteen episodes. Season 9 of Season 1 came out where it started to fall apart, but it was still solid. Season two was a train wreck and the rest of the show was almost unwatchable. “- u / QueenOfTheSlayers


the following

Fox / Via giphy.com

“Great pilot, really intense thriller show. Then episode 2 was horrible, episode 3 was really good, but all after that was mediocre to very bad.” – u/SongBirdsWrath


under the dome

CBS / via giphy.com

“The first episode of under the dome It was absolutely wonderful. The first season was flawed but watchable. Season two totally went off the damn track. I gave it up by the time they found a gate to the outside and didn’t immediately collect everyone and leave. “- u/Noglues


Sleepy Hollow

Fox / Via giphy.com

Sleepy Hollow He is one of my all-time favorite pilots, but the show never really lived up to the potential set up in that episode. “- Sh/Korean 120



ABC / via in.pinterest.com

Damn the first season – but then it was one of the worst TV shows ever.
Read the rest of the wiki episodes. “- u/emilyguy


Luke Cage

Disney / Marvel

“I had it in a few episodes actually but it didn’t appeal to me like Daredevil or Jessica Jones.” – u / litter


The last man on earth

Fox / Via giphy.com

The last man on earth It is the perfect example. He was so excited about the show, then Forte and regression into a bad regular show spoil him. “- u / injector



NBC / Amazon / Via amazon.com

Head It was a short-lived superhero show that promised to be on the ground and a proper camp around a cop framed for murder and learning to be a hero from a group of circus performers. After the first two episodes, it got very boring and dangerous, but the pilot was very entertaining. “- u/AwesomeManatee


Black list

NBC / via giphy.com

“It was a great intro and the characters are great. The biggest issue I feel was the lack of an end game. They took a lot of questions for several seasons so I gave up.” – u/TictacTyler


flash forward

ABC / via gfycat.com

“Like this opening and opening, and then every episode that followed was so bad. Filled with pretentious dialogue with no substance, no plan, and characters doing things for no reason, it was grumpy.” – u / spektrall


End of the F***ing . world

Channel 4 / Via tenor.com

End of the F***ing . world It started with the main character being a legitimate psychic, and then in the second or third episode he was just a sharp teen. “- u/[deleted]



AMC / VIA giphy.com

“I loved the pilot, it was great. I’m still watching the show, but it’s one of those things that has a few really highs, but many, many really low moments. The good episodes are really great for me, but it has 80% of the season that was kind of What, well, a boring party you just entered to get to the fun parts. The show could have been so much better.”— u / Mojambo213



Warner Bros. / via tenor.com

“This was a great pilot with a really interesting setting. He was disappointed by the somewhat unlikable main characters, the groans and a bit of a comic plot.” – u / paranoid


The wonderful Mrs. Maisel

Amazon Prime Video / via tenor.com

“The show wasn’t bad, but I liked the pilot and thought the rest was just fine, hence the disappointment.” – u/cronedog


stargate universe

Showtime / Via tenor.com

“The pilot was excellent but soon after that he became arguments in space As my wife points out. “- sh/goaway432

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