2022 MLB Draft tracker: Results, full list of each draft pick; Analyze all first-round picks

1 Jackson Holiday, SS, Stillwater HS (OK)By: Holliday is one of the few potential clients with strains of big leagues working for him. His father Matt has done seven All-Star games over his 15-year career, and his uncle Josh is the head coach at Oklahoma State (where he commits to playing in the unlikely event he attends in college). Holliday did not disregard his name or connections; He spent the last year improving his fitness and improving his offensive game. He no longer withdraws from the stadiums as frequently as in the past, and is more open to using the entire stadium. His blast allows him to smoke almost anything thrown over the board, and he can also run and throw well. 2

Drew Jones, CF, Wesleyan HS (GA): Jones, whose father Andrew was the Frontier Hall of Fame, was vying for first place in the spring. It has since emerged as the industry’s preferred choice. It is not difficult to understand why. He’s a good to great defender at a premium position who can finish his development arc with five tools or better, including his racket components. In fact, he has the kind of drop frame and hand speed that would allow him to add muscle and strength as he matured. Jones may end up losing a bit of speed as a result, but he believes he has the instincts and an innate sense of position that should enable his game to maintain the richness of secondary value. There is legitimate potential for all-stars here.


Kumar Rucker, RHP, Tri-City Valleycats: Roker, who previously suffered from overexposure, missed most of this year’s course After the Mets failed to sign him after being selected in 10th place in last year’s draft. He recently re-emerged in the Frontier League, running a 99 mph fastball and most hitters in the Indy League with a class 70 slider. Heraclitus said that no human treads in the same river twice, because neither he nor the river are the same. Even if the Rocker was the same – and he wasn’t, even if he was of age – the river has changed. The industry was already skeptical about it due to the belated changeover, driving concerns, and potential durability created by its mechanical flaws; Now, there’s also the issue of the post-draft physical last summer that caused the Mets to be rescued. We have to write that it is absurd to possess what could Mistake a rocker arm in a draft where every other top pitcher has an elbow zip.

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Termarr Johnson, 2B, Mays HS (GA): Johnson was CBS Sports’ Board of Directors Player of the Year for the spring, and a few raters argued that he should have stayed there. He still has a hitting tool that one veteran Scout rated an 80 — meaning, from a layman’s perspective, as good as it gets — and amazing power. Johnson’s downfall was (and always will be) his defensive value. probably Just A second primary man, and there is always a reluctance to accept a second man in high school for obvious reasons; They have less margin of error than short stops or other midfield players where it comes to moving down the defensive spectrum. Oh, okay. Johnson will hit and hit a lot, and he will do so while displaying one of the game’s best feelings in the class.


Elijah Green, IMG Academy (Florida): Green is a great, polarizing probability, a walking example of a binary distribution that seems to inspire predictions that only call its left and right outcomes. To hear most scouts tell it, he’ll either make several All-Star games, or he’ll wash before he’s eligible to judge. His boosts point to his near-outstanding combination of strength and speed, as well as his ability to play central midfield despite being listed at 6-foot-3 and 225 pounds. (This is where we notice, surprisingly, that his father Eric played in the NFL.) Conversely, Green’s critics say his game needs a lot of fine-tuning to be able to make the most of his tools, and that his extreme swing and—misguided tendencies will cause him to veer, from being a hot red pepper to no, more than John Froscianti.


Jacob Berry, 3B/OF, LSU: Perry has changed locations twice in the past year. First, follow coach Jay Johnson from Arizona to LSU. After that, he began playing on the field to ease concerns about his defensive value. did not work. Scout maintains that he lacks the hands and feet to be a potential defender anywhere on the diamond. (One even compared Perry to Seth Bear, who was held as a conscientious opponent of defense when he was drafted 28th in 2018 outside Clemson.) That wouldn’t matter much if Perry’s offensive upside was considered strict, but several residents cautioned that His basic exit velocity data indicated that his potential had been exaggerated.

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7 Kid Horton, RHP, Oklahoma: Horton, a sophomore eligible to enlist who missed the 2021 season due to Tommy John’s surgery, put himself in mind in the first round with a stunning sprint during the World College Championship that culminated with a record 13 strokes in the finals. His arsenal is all about power, including a fast, high-spin ball that could touch the upper ’90s and a slider that scored a high of 90 during that aforementioned start. Horton has a limited track record (he threw just over 50 runs in the Sooners regular season), and the Boy Scouts still have longing doubts about whether he will be a long-term starter. 8

Brooks Lee, SS, Cal Poly: Lee might have the best feeling for the game than anyone possible on the draft. (If not, that distinction goes to Termarr Johnson.) He’s the son of a coach and a racketer, and he should be good on both sides (especially the left). He’s made less than 10 percent of his board appearances this season, while always showing a good sense of territory and good communication. Defensively, he’s not the most athletic person, and his arm is in the mid-to-high range. This combination usually makes scouts question someone’s ability to stay in the Six, though Lee’s above methods and recent improvement in defensive positioning have left them open to the idea that he at least kicks off his big-league career in no time.

9 Gavin Cross, Virginia Tech: No first-round player has been picked since Joe Saunders in 2002. Kroos, who is expected to become an above-average hitter and good player, ended a decades-long drought. Head in the right direction this season in all relevant areas. In painting, he improved his strike and walking rates while increasing his energy output; On the field, slip into the middle and do better than expected for someone destined to play on the right field as a pro. There isn’t a lot of chrome in his game, but his offensive skill set should make him a welcome addition 10 Gabriel Hughes, RHP, Gonzaga: Hughes is a great physically strong bowler who this season has improved his speed (he can touch the top 90s) and control and he has good gliding. There are some rest risks here should the previous wild come back (he’d previously hit every other half of his collegiate career) or if he couldn’t improve his change. The playing field has decent action, but is prone to falling under the ball, rather than working through it, so that evaluators can trust its effectiveness. 11 Kevin Parada, C., Georgia Tech: The Yellow Jackets have produced three first-round hunters since 1993: Jason Varitek, Matt Witters, and Joey Bart. Parada became the fourth. He always gets hit despite the unusual pre-swing stance that sees him raise his front elbow to his nose and bend the bat along his spine, barreling down around belt level to start his operation. That has held true this season, having made 26 appearances and a nearly 1-to-1 ratio in 60 games. Parada’s ball tracking data, as expected, supports the idea that he could develop into a mid-ranking hitter with the potential to get more pop from Country Radio. He’s not promising behind the plate, but he’s improved enough for scouts to see as an acceptable option to start his career. 12 13 14 15th 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30

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