20th Digital Studio Folding, D23 Team Downsized – Deadline

As we begin day three of Disney’s second round of layoffs, here’s a rundown of some of the cuts that occurred on Tuesday but got lost in the flurry of employee cuts. We’ll update more as news of the layoffs arrive throughout the day.

The 20th Digital Studio’s digital content division, led by EVP David Worthen Brooks, was disbanded. Brooks will move to a first-sight deal with Hulu, the master distributor of 20th Digital, as an independent producer.

Founded in 2008 as Fox Digital Studio and acquired by Disney as part of a $71.3 billion 2019 deal for Fox’s major assets, 20th Digital Studio, most recently part of Disney General Entertainment Content, developed, funded and produced the tagged short genre. Commercial and digital content from emerging filmmakers.

It is known about Bite-sized Halloween shorts, which the unit signed a deal with Hulu last year to turn into nine horror features.

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Also hurt by the layoffs was D23, the official fan club of The Walt Disney Company founded in 2009. The organization is mostly known for its biennial D23 Expo fan conference, with the next scheduled for September.

The size of the cuts is in the double digits, with some sources indicating that as many as a quarter of staff or more have been affected amid speculation the division could be restructured.

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The second round of Disney layoffs has so far affected a number of its TV and movie divisions, including ABC, Freeform, ABC Signature, 20th Television, Disney+, Disney Branded Entertainment, Hulu, Disney TV Animation, Walt Disney Television Alternative and Searchlight, with Disney TV studio marketing and promotion for the first time among the disbanded units and consolidation of a number of areas.

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