A Brandon Aiyuk trade remains a possibility

When 49ers general manager John Lynch was asked Monday if he thought receiver Brandon Aiyuk would be traded this week, Lynch said: “I do not expect that“.

This is far from a “no”.

It leaves the door open for trade. According to Mike Silver of San Francisco Chroniclean agreement It cannot be ruled out.

The best time for a trade is when the pick the 49ers will get is on the clock. This way, you can't jump to the control panel.

Per Silver, the 49ers requested a first-round pick. Aiyuk's new team should also be willing to offer him a contract, which the 49ers haven't done so far.

This is the most important thing to remember. The 49ers, with the benefit of four years with Aiyuk, have placed value on his services moving forward. The new team would be willing to give him more and send compensation to the 49ers to get him.

Another dynamic, as observed during Tuesday BFT Live, is the potential impact of 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan on Aiyuk's performance and the presence of other great players in San Francisco's offense. Would Aiyuk thrive at another team, with a different coach and different teammates?

If nothing else, the workout might help Aiyuk realize that his best move might be to re-sign with the 49ers. The best case scenario would be for a team like the Steelers to offer enough for both the player and the team to get the deal done.

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