A granary near Odessa was destroyed by Russian drones

Cover Image: Stock of corn at the commercial sea port of Ismail, Odessa region, on July 22, 2023. STRINGER / AFP

  • Moscow was the target of drones overnight from Sunday to Monday. According to the mayor of the Russian capital, Sergey Sobyan, there was no “serious destruction” or casualties.He mentioned two buildings “Non-resident” The city was affected. There were two Ukrainian drones “neutralized” And there are “crushed” In Moscow, Russia says it condemns the Ukrainian “terrorist act”.
  • Ukraine made the pledge on Sunday “retaliation” After Russian attacks on the port city of Odessa, in the south of the country, left two dead and twenty-two woundedAccording to Kyiv. A cathedral over 200 years old has been largely destroyed.
  • Russia said on Sunday it had destroyed all targets in Ukraine’s Odesa port. Ensuring that affected areas are used for preparation “acts of terrorism” against her.
  • “There is no counterattack,” said Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, a loyal ally of Moscow, his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin receives for two days. Then the Kremlin leader interrupted him and launched: “There is one, but it failed. »
  • Russia and China concluded joint military exercises in the Sea of ​​Japan on Sunday. The Russian Ministry of Defense announced. Both countries share a desire to resist perceived US hegemony.

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