A large Christmas goat was again set on fire and burned

Cavleboken It has been a target for firefighters ever since it was created in 1966.

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Those who have been on fire for five years have not come to the end of this giant straw. Goat Gävlebocken, who proudly immigrated to central Sweden, will not be celebrating his fifth consecutive Christmas after being set on fire again Thursday, Friday, December 17th night. Eyewitnesses said the fire broke out at around 3:30 a.m. at the BST, police said. One person has been arrested.

The animal is provided by the city of Gävle “The World’s Most Famous Straw Goat” -Who “Romantic Christmas” Still “Fighting matches”– Has been a target for firefighters since birth in 1966.

However, the “Gävlebocken”, which is 13 meters high, has been placed under high surveillance by the guards because in the last 20 years, flames have wiped it out more than ten times.

Gävlebocken has been in Gävle city center on the first Sunday of Advent for over fifty years. It attracts tens of thousands of locals and interested people during the year-end celebrations.

This is a giant version of the “Zulfag” (Christmas goat) symbol of Christmas in Scandinavia, the origin of which refers to the Viking god’s goat and the straw of Christ’s stable.

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