A little girl sings “Liberation, childbirth” in a shelter, and the composer responds to her

A video of the hit song “Frozen” by a little Ukrainian girl has been circulating on the internet, so the co-composer of the song responded to him.

Video of a little Ukrainian girl singing Let go There has been a stir on social media sites from the bomb archive over the past few days. And the films have already gone worldwide, so Kristen Anderson-Lopez co-composed the song with her husband Robert Lopez from the Disney cartoon. Snow QueenResponded Monday on Twitter.

A woman named Marta Smekova posted this nearly two-minute video on Facebook last week. According to legend, the scene took place in a shelter in Kiev, where Ukrainian civilians defend themselves from Russian attack. We see the Ukrainian version of this success, released in 2013, performed by a little girl named Amelia, confronting others who have taken refuge in the shelter. “Video made with the permission of the mother and daughter,” says Martha Smekova.

“Keep singing! We listen”

The video has crossed three million views on Facebook alone and has spread to other sites such as Twitter, where it has been viewed more than 13 million times. Kristen Anderson-Lopez released the video and expressed her feelings:

“Dear little girl with a beautiful voice, this song that my husband and I wrote is part of the story of healing the pain of a family,” she wrote of the Disney movie. “The way you sing is like a magic trick that spreads light in your heart and heals anyone who hears it. Keep singing! We listen!”

Idina Menzel, the American singer and actress who performed the song in the original version of the cartoon A few words to Amelia on Twitter“We see you. We really see you.”

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More than two million Ukrainian refugees

“I’m amazed. These poor children. These poor people. I want to hug and protect this little one and all the children in danger. I feel helpless,” Josh Gott, the actor who voiced Olaf, tweeted. In the original version.

Let go (Leave it at that, In the original edition) established itself as an event in the publication of La Reine des Neiges. The song appeared in dozens of countries and won an Oscar for Best Original Song.

Bombings have been on the rise in Ukraine since the attack began almost two weeks ago. According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, more than two million Ukrainians have already fled the country.

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