A new Total War game has been announced, which is set in ancient Egypt

after conclusion war hammer Triple in the biggest way possibleCreative Assembly just announced a new brand total war A game based on the very thing the series made its name on: actual human history. And this time we return to ancient Egypt.

The next game is called Total War: Pharaohand is set during the Bronze Age collapse, just over 3,000 years ago which witnessed the civilizations of the Near East, North Africa and Europe very A bad time.

Here’s the first trailer for the game:

Total War: PHARAOH – Trailer Announcement

Since this is actually incredibly light total war details (and screenshots/screenshots while playing), We’ll have to head over to the game’s Steam page (and this FAQ) for more information. It looks like there will be eight commanders from which to choose, ranging from Egyptians to Anatolians to Canaanites, as well as customizable campaign options such as the ability to randomly select starting locations.

Interestingly enough, it seems that although there may be some supernatural things involved, mummy– Magic next door, this game plays it absolutely straight. This is the first time total war did it in a long time; the war hammer Obviously the games were full of brutal shit, Troy Bowed to legends and Until the last major historical release, Three kingdomsHe had his fair share of wonderful.

This does not mean that the like effects He will not be present here. Instead of magic changing the feel of battle, pharaoh It introduces a more dynamic weather system to the game, where instead of battles taking place under predetermined conditions, things can change dramatically in the middle of an encounter, with one minute the sun is shining and the next you’re furious in the middle of a sandstorm (the game will also feature dynamic fires). Cities can burn in urban battles and torrential storms too).

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One of the big questions that the game’s reveal left unanswered is… how big, exactly? The scheduling requirements of the series have meant that for the past decade total war Development was split between larger and large-scale releases such as Three kingdoms and the war hammer games, while among smaller titles such as Troy And Thrones of Britain decreased.

just where pharaoh Falling in between those two questions is important, because recent games – looking at the “Saga” branding to imply they were smaller titles – haven’t been great, and they poison that naming as a selling point. However, this game, despite being released at full price (I got $60 in rrp), looks… dunno, smaller in size than a full game total war Will be? Especially since there are only three playable factions at launch (You can choose from four The Egyptian leaders are two Hittites and two Canaanites).

We’ll find out soon enough; The game will be out in October on PC.

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