A Russian strike hits a television tower in Kiev, disrupting channels’ broadcasts

Russian soprano Anna Netrepko stopped her concerts

The pressure on the shoulders of celebrity Russian-Austrian soprano Anna Netrebko has increased in recent days, as has his comrade Valery Kerkiev, who has canceled his concerts for several days in favor of Putin. Ukraine’s ambassador to Germany Andrij Melnyk has called on German viewers on Twitter to boycott his Wednesday event in Hamburg. The Bavarian State Opera has announced that it will be canceling its concert in July.

Anna Nedrebko announced on Tuesday that she was stepping down from the podium after being criticized for being lenient with Russian President Vladimir Putin. “Until further notice”. “This is not the right time for me to compose and compose music. I hope my audience understands this decision.He said this in reference to the war in Ukraine via a press release issued by the organizer of one of his next song shows, River Concerts.

On Sunday, Ms. Netrebko announced herself on Instagram “Against this war”But he did not take sides against the leaders of his country or show his solidarity with the Ukrainians. “It is not right to force artists or any other figure to express their political views in public and condemn their homeland. (…) I am not a political person. I am not a political expert. I am an artist, and my goal is to unite people across political divisions. ”Defended the star.

In February 2014, he was selected to sing the Olympic anthem at the opening ceremony of the Sochi Games in Russia. If he does not openly declare his support for the Russian president, he is accused of posing in Donetsk in December 2015 with the flag of pro-Russian separatist rebels. He also presented a check for one million rubles (approximately 15,000 euros) to pro-Russian Ukrainian leader Oleg Tsarev, which caused controversy. Diva defended herself by explaining that Ukraine wants to support the Donetsk Opera, art and especially the Donetsk Opera, which has reduced all its funding.

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