A Super Mario RPG manager would love that his last game was ‘Another Mario RPG’

Photo: Nintendo

Before Mario paper and the Mario and Luigi The series, there was a 1996 SNES title, Super Mario RPG. If you’ve ever wondered about a potential supplement, you’re not alone. In fact, Chihiro Fujioka – one of the game directors is also a fan of it.

In a recent interview with MinnMax YouTube channelNot only did Fujioka talk about developing Super Mario RPG on the Super Famicom, but he also mentioned how he would be open to continuing and would like to make this game “the last”.

Question: Have you been excited to get a Mario RPG back at some point in your career?

Chihiro Fujioka: “Yeah, I totally would like to make one… yeah, so in my career I’ve been in a lot of games and I would really like the last one to be another Mario RPG, if possible…”

He explained this a little more, but also mentioned how he wanted to keep his story ideas “secret”:

“Yes, I’d like to go back and create a Mario RPG (different from Mario & Luigi) where you only control Mario…”

Chihiro previously worked on the EarthBound, the Mario & Luigi series on the AlphaDream, the Super Mario RPG and the Final Fantasy series while in Square.


last March, Super Mario RPG celebrates its 25th anniversary. Is it time to continue? Leave a comment below.

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