A tense exchange between an Iranian journalist and Tyler Adams / Mondial 2022 / Gr. B / Iran-USA / SOFOOT.com

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A World Cup encounter between Iran and USA this Tuesday as part of the third day of Group B, Football represents little more than a game. This Monday, when American captain Tyler Adams appeared in a press conference, we were able to get a new glimpse of the situation that reigned before the tournament.

“You say you support Iranian peopleBut you are mispronouncing the name of our country” , an Iranian journalist started on Leeds’ midfielder. Before sending a new attack: “Is it right for you to represent a country that has so much discrimination against black people within its own borders? Over the past few years we have seen the Black Lives Matters movement. Do you agree to represent America when there is so much discrimination against black people in America? »

“My apologies for the wrong pronunciation of your countryAdams replied. Everywhere you go there is discrimination. One of the things I’ve learned, especially living abroad and adapting to different cultures, is that we in America are constantly moving forward every day. I grew up in a white family, but with an obviously African American heritage and upbringing. I have different cultures and I was able to absorb other people’s culture easily. But not everyone has this facility and obviously some may take longer. Through education. I think this is very important. You have just instructed me about your country’s accent. It’s a process, and I think that’s the most important thing until you see progress. »

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