Aaron Carter is dead. He left behind a tragic legacy.

Unlike his brother NickAaron Carter defended Lou Perelman to the end.

“Lu has given us all the power to live today,” Aaron said. boy con squada 2019 documentary film about allegations of Abuse and fraud by the boy band Svengali. “Who knows where I would have ended up, man. … in prison?” But while responding to allegations that Perelman had sexually abused some of the talents he had signed, he became noticeably angry. “Shut up about it,” he said, looking directly into the camera.

There have been longstanding allegations against Perelman when he was alive, that he stole profits from his talent, but worse yet, abused it. Nick, who became Backstreet Boys’ The Cute One™ when he was 12, had to file a lawsuit to void his contract with Pearlman, saying he barred millions from the band. The The same was true For a lot of the boys and men that Perelman put together and put into teams like NSYNC, LFO, or O-Town. Some of the lesser known pop stars He also alleged sexual assault. (Before his death, Perelman denied the allegations.)

Aaron was Perelman’s youngest creation of pop music to date, and at the age of 14 he ended up suing Perelman in 2002 for stealing his money. Throughout the rest of his life, it seemed that he still had a lot of respect for his former boss. Perelman has already developed the character of Aaron Carter we came to know, a Frankenstein who shaped his creation into a profitable, friendly, charming, and charismatic character for a younger group of girls.

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But Perelman, in many ways, also looks like the originator of Aaron’s struggle – it brought him money and fame, also bringing Aaron’s family out of poverty, but he was a manipulative manager who stole from his clients and died in prison. But Aaron still believed that Perelman gave him a better life, even with the unimaginable costs he would face later.

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