Aaron Rodgers is in a positive position with the Packers as a decision on his future looms

The words of Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers have spoken as loudly as anything over the past year. He accepts MVP Award Thursday night and thanked – by name – Green Bay President/CEO Mark Murphy and General Manager Brian Gutkunst, among others. That was noticeable.

After spending a week talking to those familiar with Rodgers’ looming decision, two facts are clear:

  • The relationship is in as good a place as it has been for a long time, leading to optimism and hope from many involved that he would choose to return.
  • No one knows for sure what Rodgers will do, except for Rodgers, and no one will rush him to do so.

Rodgers told the NFL Network after winning another MVP award – his fourth in his career – that he would enjoy the next few weeks and then make a call about his future.

“I’ve had good conversations with Green Bay, I’ll think about a few things and make a decision here quickly,” said Rodgers.

When Rodgers and Packers modify his contract Before the season, she cut the final year of his deal and canceled it after the franchise window closed, meaning Rodgers would be unrecognizable after the 2022 season. He would be a free agent. There was also a verbal agreement to discuss potential trade to a mutually agreed location if Rodgers wanted.

After the last holiday, Rodgers spoke frankly about I wonder what the future will bringand when he finally came back to the team with a refitted contract, he was just as much Openness to mistrust and frustration With the team’s front office.

And so the two sides spent the next year working on it. There was increased communication, more input and simply a better framework for the relationship. Rodgers seems to have succeeded and been appreciated.

In short, it’s a complete 180.

Rodgers has always had a strong relationship with coach Matt LaFleur, and that continued even when he had issues with the front office. The fact that Rodgers stayed Three or four more days in Green Bay After losing a brutal playoff to meet LaFleur and others to help plan the game for the future was another positive development.

While the entire NFL world awaits a firm and final decision from Rodgers, at least from the outside looking inward, the Packers seem to be in a positive place for that.

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