Abby Carter covers Taylor Swift, revealing her top ten

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The heat for Season 22 of “American Idol” is heating up, and so are the judges' criticism as the competition reaches the top 10.

While the remaining 12 contestants struggled to stay in the competition on Monday night, Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie settled the “Idol” nominees, including one of this season's early nominees, with less glowing reactions than usual. Perhaps this was all part of an attempt to challenge young singers “not to let off the gas yet,” as Brian put it.

Pressure creates diamonds, right?

Mentor Meghan Trainor helped dozens of finalists hone their No. 1 Billboard-selling performance that would convince viewers they deserved to be on the Top 10 list. Two of the contestants chose Taylor Swift tracks, and what do you know, ABC also aired commercials for her latest album, “Tortured Poets Oath.” coincidence? maybe.

Here's what happened in Episode 13 during the show's top 12 — and who was sent home.

What happened last night? Nia and Jordan Anthony were eliminated during the Top 12 reveal

Abby Carter receives her first negative backlash for 'All Too Well'

For Abi Carter, it seemed as if she had raised the bar for herself this season.

The platinum ticket recipient — who Brian said “could be an American Idol winner” upon hearing her cover of Billie Eilish's “What Was I Made For?” During auditions – he stepped up to the piano (again) with a bold cover of Taylor Swift: “All Too Well” (dad’s version).

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The 21-year-old singer, who was appropriately wearing a red dress in tribute to Swift's album “Red,” didn't need the full 10-minute version of the song to impress. She brought her signature “angelic” voice (Katy Perry's word), and her vocals soared above the tune as she emotionally sang Swift's lyrics about a past relationship that went south.

But that was not enough for the judges.

Brian looked around and noted that it felt like they never left yesterday's recording. He was having a deja vu experience when he saw Abby in a long dress at the piano again after performing Elton John's song “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” on Sunday.

“Last night was one of your brightest moments,” he said, adding that he felt it was not as strong as the night before. “Don't feel comfortable playing the piano,” he warned, telling Abe to “start working on the room.”

Ritchie's comments were also less glowing than usual, and he said he was prepared to receive “double booing” after Brian's criticism. Perry, on the other hand, encouraged Abby to “keep playing that ace” and “just give us an angelic every time.”

Roman Collins gets a hug from Katy Perry for his cover of 'Roar'

Roman Collins was the latest brave soul this season to dare to sing Perry's song in front of the pop star. It seems to be paying off though.

The 24-year-old worship leader, who sailed through the season with his onstage charisma and a vocal range that could blow the roof off a venue, showed a different side of himself by playing piano. He gave the 2013 pop single a unique jazz club-like remix and kept things relevant again until he rolled the mic out to the podium and gave the song the signature church choir treatment.

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As he was wrapping up the performance behind the judges' desk, Perry shook Roman's hand as he did her song justice. Instead he wrapped her in a hug.

“She never fails to get through it,” Ritchie said. “Your roar was amazing.”

Perry revealed that her colleague from Southern California is her parents' favorite. “They texted me about you,” she told Roman. “They're praying for you too.”

“Find them on Instagram”: Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan reveal secrets

Kaiko breaks out of her shell and gets a group hug from the judges

Sam “Kaiko” Kelly Cohen, the king of singer-songwriter performances from behind the piano or guitar, wowed the judges with a massive rock rendition of Gotye's 2011 earworm “Somebody I Used to Know.”

He brought the drama, from the eyeliner to the jumping and jumping around the stage like he was Jared Leto.

Kaiku had the judges on their feet early in his performance, and the trio didn't hesitate to rush forward and embrace him in a bear hug as he sang his final notes.

“Wow Wow wow!” Was all Richie could say. It's impressive for a man who was an “accident,” an escort who had no intention of auditioning himself.

Who was eliminated from “American Idol”?

Despite their dazzling performances, Roman Collins and Jenna Elise (who wove magic with her rendition of Rihanna's “Diamonds”) were sent home on Monday night.

Who's on the 'American Idol' top 10 list for 2024?

  • Dad Carter
  • McKenna Breinholt
  • Will Mosley
  • Sam “Kaiko” Kelly Cohen
  • Caprien “KB” Richins
  • Mia Matthews
  • Jack Blocker
  • Amy Russell
  • Triston Harper
  • Julia Gagnon
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