According to Emmanuel Macron, Vladimir Putin “woke up with a terrible electric shock” to NATO.

Faced with drone strikes on Moscow, Vladimir Putin’s impotence and Russians’ coldness

The situation was dire for Vladimir Putin to break his silence. The Russian leader, who has not commented on any facts or bad news regarding the war in Ukraine, ended up speaking almost heatedly about the massive drone strike that targeted the Russian capital on Tuesday, May 30.

Mr Putin visited an event dedicated to “Creative Economy”, in Moscow. According to exiled journalist Farida Rustamova, an expert in the mysteries of the Kremlin, the president’s advisers had to convince him that the development, even if it seemed small to him, could not be said. “History” That focuses his attention.

And, during this brief, spontaneous exchange with a businessman, Vladimir Putin could not resist explaining the roots of the conflict and the misdeeds of the Soviet Union’s disappearance. For the rest, the Kremlin leader blamed Ukraine – which denies any responsibility for the attack. “Scare Russia” By “Methods of Terror”When Moscow simply attacks Ukraine “Only military targets with high precision weapons”.

The Russian president, after all, tried to reassure his people that the attack was a non-event. The anti-aircraft defense systems established in the capital were operational “Normal, satisfactory”He went so far as to compare the incident to innocuous attacks by the Russian military on the Hmeimim airbase in Syria in 2018 and 2019.

You can read the rest of the article by our correspondent in Moscow, Benoit Witkin, below:

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