According to kyiv, Kherson region was bombed again

Poland seizes Russian Lyceum building in Warsaw, Russia vows to retaliate

Poland seized the building of a Russian high school in Warsaw on Saturday, we learned from the Polish Foreign Ministry. “This building now belongs to the Warsaw City Hall”The ministry’s spokesman, Lukas Jasina, told Agence France-Presse by phone, confirming that it was a procedure. “Suggestion by Bail” On behalf of the municipality.

“This is an illegal act, an intrusion into a diplomatic base.”, for his part, the Russian ambassador in Warsaw, Sergey Andreev, condemned in a video broadcast by Russian public agency RIA Novosti. Russia will retaliate “Principle of Reciprocity”warned that “The school will continue its activities in other campuses of the Russian diplomatic mission, we will ensure a good end of the school year for our children and organize exams”Mr. Andreyev said.

In a statement from March 2022, the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that “By their decisions having legal force, the Polish courts ordered [aux autorités de la Fédération russe] Both the buildings should be returned to their rightful owner, the state exchequer. Polish. According to the Polish Ministry, the Russian Federation occupied them “illegally”.

The Russian High School was established in 1945 in a building nationalized by the Polish government, then transferred to the Russian authorities by the Communists in 1953. According to Polish authorities, the move was carried out. “without legal basis”.

A year ago, Warsaw City Hall took over a former Russian diplomatic site, the subject of a legal dispute between Poland and Russia and nicknamed by Warsaw residents. “The Nest of Strangers”, to deliver it to Ukraine, which is fighting Russian forces. At the time, these were ten-story buildings built in the 1970s in the south of the capital, which had been used in the past by Soviet diplomats and later by the Embassy of the Russian Federation.

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