According to Moscow, Ukrainian militants expelled from Azovstal took themselves prisoner
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  • Is Like MariupolA large city in southern Donbass was destroyed by bombs, About 265 Ukrainian soldiers, 51 woundedThe Russian Defense Ministry said on Tuesday that Azovstal had surrendered from the steelworks and taken themselves prisoner.
  • Russian offensive in Donbass intensifiedOn Monday, ten people were killed in Zhivrodonetsk, an important administrative center under Q’s control, but almost surrounded by troops from Moscow.
  • In the Northeast, the Ukrainians regained control According to kyiv, part of the border in the Kharkiv region. Ukrainian authorities now expect detached units from the Kharkiv region to move to strengthen Russian troops in the Donbass.
  • City of Liv, In western Ukraine, was shaken overnight by several strong eruptions. The governor of the region, Maxim Kozitsky, said the Russians had opened fire on military infrastructure in the Yavorov district.
  • Following in the footsteps of Finland, Sweden officially announced its candidacy for NATO membership on Monday. President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin considered that these members were not created “Immediate threat”. But, he continued, “The establishment of military infrastructure in the territories of these countries will certainly lead to a response.”.
  • The US fast food group McDonald’s announced on Monday that it was leaving Russia altogetherAs a result of Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, more than 60,000 people are employed.

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