According to the Gaza Ministry of Health, 36 members of the same family were killed in the airstrikes

According to the Hamas Health Ministry, 36 members of a single family were killed in the early hours of Saturday, March 16. “Bloody Night” The total, according to him, was marked by 60 airstrikes by the Israeli army. “They bombed the house while we were inside.” Mohammed al-Tafatibi, 19, told AFP at the Nusirat refugee camp. The Israeli military, for its part, claimed targeting “Many terrorists are entrenched” In the same Nusirat camp. However, he did not confirm that he was behind the strike that killed the family. Follow our live stream.

All cargo was unloaded from the first aid boat to arrive at Gaza. The cargo of the first humanitarian aid boat that arrived in the Gaza Strip from Cyprus on Friday will be unloaded and distributed to people threatened by famine after more than five months of war, a non-governmental organization said on Saturday. Responsible for performance. “All cargo unloaded and ready for delivery to Gaza”World Central Kitchen wrote in a press release sent to AFP.

UN to deliver humanitarian aid by land “Beyond providing humanitarian aid Gaza The UN insists that ground transportation is the only way to deliver much-needed aid to the people of Gaza, who are on the brink of famine, by air and sea.wrote On that day international organization. In a video, the UN specifically explains that airdrops are expensive, inefficient and dangerous, while Gaza's port infrastructure is ill-suited to accommodate large ships.

Non-governmental organizations condemn “systematic abuses” against Palestinians in Israeli custody. There are registered Palestinians in Israeli prisons “Systematic Abuse” And sometimes torture, condemning Israeli NGOs, calling for action by the international community. Members of these organizations have traveled to Geneva this week to present themselves “Crisis” In the country's main prisons, according to them, nine people have died since October 7.

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Benjamin Netanyahu approved the army's “action plans” for the offensive in Rafah. “The Israeli army is ready for the operational side and the evacuation of people”, according to a press release sent to reporters on Friday. Rafah, located on a closed border with Egypt, hosts about one and a half million Gazans who have fled the war, according to the UN.

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