According to the Israeli military, some 300,000 Palestinians have left Rafah since the evacuation order.

The Israeli military announced on Saturday, May 11“About 300 000″ Palestinians have been fleeing the eastern suburbs of Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip, since the evacuation order was issued on May 6. Residents “Al-Mawasi’s Move to the Humanitarian Zone”, just a few kilometers away, says the army, which is preparing a ground assault on the city, before these mass exodus, 1.4 million Gazans, including many internally displaced. Army has Saturday extended the call to vacate “immediately”It concerns the east of the city, other neighborhoods, the west and north of the already evacuees.

Israeli intervention in Rafah is ongoing. The Israeli army, which has been making incursions east of the city in the south of the enclave since Tuesday, has taken control of the crossing with Egypt, and said on Friday it was continuing. “Precise Counter-Terrorism”. Despite international warnings, Benjamin Netanyahu continues to press ahead with the necessary offensive in Rafah. “cross over” Hamas, despite the 1.4 million Palestinians, including many internally displaced people, in the Gaza Strip.

The US considers it “reasonable to believe” that Israel has violated international law in Gaza. A long-awaited report from the US State Department, made public on Friday, however, acknowledges that the US has not achieved much at this point. “Conclusion” Washington is under no obligation to stop sending arms to Israel because there is no concrete, sufficient information on the issue. Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip continued on Saturday morning.

UN support for Palestinian membership A majority of the UN General Assembly voted for the Palestinians to become full members of the organization on Friday. For such an initiative to succeed, in addition to a vote by the General Assembly, a positive recommendation by the Security Council is required. But the US vetoed it on April 18.

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