Activist Greta Thunberg leads the protest on the final day of talks in Davos

Swedish climate activist Greta Thunbergand other prominent climate activists incl Vanessa Nakati And Helena Neubauer The Climate Rally took place on Friday, the final day of panel discussions at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Thunberg met the head of the International Energy Agency, Fatih Birol, on the sidelines of the conference on Thursday and criticized corporate elites for their inaction.

She said the leaders in Davos were “fueling planetary destruction” by investing in fossil fuels and prioritizing short-term profits over people affected by the climate crisis.

Activists issued a “cease and desist” letter calling on fossil fuel company chiefs to halt all new oil and natural gas projects, and it was signed by nearly 900,000 people.

Today’s action will be the last of this year’s talks at the World Economic Forum, under the theme “Cooperation in a Fragmented World”.

The convention brought together hundreds of world leaders and industry experts for special addresses, panel discussions and separate meetings.

Click on the image above to view the march.

What are the highlights of Thursday’s sessions?

  • Director of the FBI Christopher Ray He said he was “very concerned” about China’s AI program, and said the country’s AI initiatives were “not bound by the rule of law” and “are built on a huge trove of intellectual property and sensitive data that they’ve stolen over the years.”

  • Prime Minister of Greece, Kyriakos MitsotakisHe said that he still believes that it is possible to resolve his country’s differences with Turkey by talking with the Turkish president, stressing that the neighbors will not go to war.

  • Keir StarmerThe UK opposition leader said the UK needed a strategy for renewables. Starmer said new investment in the oil and gas industry is not the answer because the UK must move towards the goal of net zero emissions and reduce dependence on oil and gas.

  • Grant ShappsBritish Business Secretary, discussed how governments and businesses can work together to shape the next generation of industrial strategies and warned that US President Joe Biden’s green subsidy program is “dangerous”.

  • President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky He attended a breakfast briefing on the sidelines of the meeting bemoaning the “lack of specific weapons” and saying that in order to win the war, “we cannot do it just through motivation and morale”.

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Who can viewers expect to see on the final day of meetings in Davos on Friday?

  • Maria LiptinPresident of the European Research Council; mikulas beck, Czech Minister for European Affairs; Tanya Fagon Deputy Prime Minister of Slovenia; Christine LagardePresident of the European Central Bank; Kristalina Georgievathe Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund; author, Christopher Keeler; Sharp fawnPresident of the National Congress of American Indians W Burg BrendyPresident of the World Economic Forum in Geneva.
  • Euronews’ Sasha Vakulina, Mab McMahon, Faye Dolgekeri and David Walsh were on the floor in Davos covering the latest developments.

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