After 35 years, Capcom is finally making Street Fighter characters in proportional screen-to-screen size

From the extensive communication to the well-thought-out modes and mechanics, Capcom has already proven many times that it’s doing things differently (read: making improvements) in terms of the Street Fighter franchise with the upcoming Street Fighter 6.

Last week’s big drop in news gave us a lot of new information, and one of the smaller, at least in terms of urgency, new bells and whistles we’ve noticed is coming on the pre-battle vs. screen. Zangief, the game’s biggest competitor to date, sits alongside the much smaller Cammy, and for the first time we can actually tell from this very screen.

This is not to say that Capcom never made any nods to the difference in character sizes while showing them before fights since Abigail from Street Fighter 5, for example, is clearly a larger body than everyone else.

Even in the example of the eight-foot brawler, seeing him first appear next to his opponent in the game usually comes as a surprise if you’ve only watched the previous screens.

We’ve seen a few character juxtapositions on Street Fighter 6 against the screen thanks to a pair of closed betas as well as some developer footage, but it wasn’t until last week that we got a picture of the Russian wrestler next to Cammy. On screen vs screen.

Zangief, who stands seven feet tall and weighs just over 250 pounds, completely outmatches his opponent, who stands just over 5 feet tall and weighs between 100-130 pounds (these numbers fluctuate between games).

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The Iron Cyclone’s head is easily twice the mass of the Cammy, adding a lot to the immersive experience Capcom seems to be aiming for with SF6.

Yes, the coolest thing about SF6 vs. screens is the fact that you can have your character make four different faces while you’re waiting for the battle to load, but it’s interesting at least that the developers finally decided not to make everyone look like they’re relatively the same size though.

We took pictures of Cammy vs. In some of these, Cami always looks closer to the same thing than she clearly should (she’s also clearly standing on crates of apples in the examples displaying levitation).

Let us know what you think of Capcom’s handling of the latest fighting game entry in the comments below, and whether or not you like this particular updated approach.

Cammy vs Gief Versus Screens Image #1

Cammy vs Gief Versus Screens Image No. 2

Cammy vs Gief Versus Screens Image No. 3

Cammy vs Gief Versus Screens Image No. 4

Cammy vs Gief Versus Screens Image No. 5

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