After the Tsai-McCarthy meeting, China deployed warships near Taiwan

China promised a “firm” response to a meeting between Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen and US House of Representatives Speaker Kevin McCarthy, the third most important political figure in the United States. Beijing isn’t lying, Taiwan’s defense ministry said on Thursday, sending warships into the sea around the island.

Despite Chinese warnings, Taiwan’s president met China’s pet, Kevin McCarthy, earlier in the day near Los Angeles because he hails from an independent party. China has already flexed its muscles and stationed an aircraft carrier near the island hours before the meeting. A ministry spokesman lamented that “the United States and Taiwan have conspired to strengthen their ties,” which “seriously undermines” Chinese sovereignty and “sends the wrong signal of support to Taiwanese separatists.” Chinese Foreign Ministry.

According to Taiwan’s Defense Ministry, three warships were spotted Thursday in the waters between mainland China and the island. The anti-submarine helicopter also crossed Taiwan’s Air Defense Identification Zone (ADZ). China has also sent coast guard ships for exceptional patrols, which Taipei has protested.

“One China”

The communist government considers the island one of its provinces, advocating “peaceful reunification” but refraining from the use of force. In the name of its “One China” policy, no country should maintain official relations with Beijing and Taipei at the same time.

In August, when Democrat Nancy Pelosi, who preceded Kevin McCarthy, visited the island, China launched unprecedented military maneuvers around Taiwan. The answer – at this point – is that nothing compares to the summer of 2022 for a meeting with the American No. 3. However, this puts Taipei on high alert.

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These tensions between Beijing and Taipei have European Commission President Ursula van der Leyen and President Emmanuel Macron in Beijing, where he met with his counterpart Xi Jinping on Thursday. They arrive on the day an eight-member US congressional delegation arrives in Taiwan for trade and security talks.

“We continue to urge Beijing to stop its military, diplomatic and economic pressure on Taiwan and instead choose to use constructive diplomacy,” a US diplomatic spokesperson insisted on Thursday. While he acknowledged the “differences” between the US and China on the Taiwan issue, he affirmed that the two powers have been able to manage the situation for 40 years.

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