AJ Brown has been dubbed “the Diva” and his “bad co-worker” for trying to get a new deal

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Once again, fans line up behind the laundry.

When players want more money, a lot of fans tend to side with the team. They assume the player is greedy. to be selfish. He wants more than he’s worth, and works on the assumption that he’s actually getting more than he’s worth. Failing the salary cap, and the difficulty of competing for the team.

Friday, the 49ers receiver Debo Samuel he said Receiving death threats and racist comments Because of his efforts to get a new contract from the team. On Monday, receiver Titans AJ Brown He started to hear it, because he dared to Withholding services from the team’s off-season program Because he’s trying to get the contract he got.

“me The singer and his bad colleague suddenlyBrown tweeted. “Do what you have to do then and so do I.”

Folks, the player trying to get paid isn’t a singer or a bad teammate or anything else that would justify a negative rating. Players have limited opportunities to earn money. They need to take full advantage of those opportunities.

They have no ownership or ownership rights. They get one or two contracts, if they’re lucky, other than their starter deals with slots. There is nothing wrong with doing whatever they have to do to get the best deals they can.

Especially in April, when a player is fully within their contractual rights to walk away from the offseason program.

So let’s put Brown or Samuel or any other player trying to make money. They have earned it. They deserve it. The salary cap is moving higher than ever. Owners are making more than ever. Let us not get caught up in the efforts of men who play the game to get a fair and proper wage for doing so.

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