Al-Shifa Hospital was targeted by an Israeli military operation

In the early hours of Monday, March 18, exchanges of fire and fighting took place in and around Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City. The Israeli army announced that the operation would be carried out on the hospital In a press release issued Monday morningWitnesses at the site confirmed to Agence France-Presse (AFP) explosions and gunfire and fighting.

Players “They are currently carrying out a targeted operation in the area of ​​Al-Shifa Hospital”Press release details. “The operation was based on information indicating that the hospital was used by Hamas terrorists. »

“During the operation, the terrorists opened fire on the troops from the hospital”Explains another joint report by the military and Israeli internal intelligence. “Soldiers retaliated by firing.”He continues, saying that individuals were hit by shots.

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The health ministry in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip said “tens of thousands” People were in the hospital. A building is on fire “Following the airstrike”He further expressed regret “Dozens of Martyrs”Some bodies were brought from the vicinity of the hospital, while others were left on the road. No one could take them to the hospital due to the intensity of the gunfire.

Flight operations

At the site, witnesses confirmed to AFP “Flight Operations” The al-Rimal neighborhood where the hospital is located, the largest in the Gaza Strip, is where people are said to have fallen. “piece”. said residents of this central part of Gaza City “More than 45 Israeli tanks and armored personnel carriers” Entered Al-Rimal. Some report “fights” Around the hospital.

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The Israeli army addresses residents through loudspeakers, urging them to stay at home “Drones Shoot People on Streets Near Hospital”According to witnesses at the site interviewed by AFP.

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Israeli forces received “Instructions on the importance of exercising caution, as well as measures to be taken to avoid harm to patients, the public, and medical personnel”A military press release said. “Arabic speaking people were brought to the site to facilitate interaction with the patients”He adds, “Patients and medical staff do not need to leave”.

“Terrorist Activities”

It also released what the military said was an excerpt from a telephone exchange “Last Days” Between the Israeli Coordination and Liaison Administration (CLA) and an official from the Ministry of Health of the Gaza Strip, his representative explains that he is. “ready” Provide assistance if any “Extremist Activities” Inside the hospital stop.

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“We confirm that the accounts of the invasion [Israël] False »Palestinian movements announced in a joint statement that they were operating in the Gaza Strip. “Hospitals are civilian health facilities that are not doing anything contrary to their mandate as defined by international humanitarian law. ».

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The Israeli army entered the hospital on November 15, and the facility now operates with a minimal and reduced staff. After this major operation, the Israeli military claimed to have found “Arms, Weapons and Military Equipment” Hamas, the Palestinian Islamist movement, at Al-Shifa Hospital, which Hamas denied.

Since the start of the war between Israel and Hamas, the Israeli army has carried out operations at several hospitals in the Palestinian territories. He accused Hamas of using health facilities as command centers.

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