American Idol: Kennedy Anderson exited from Season 20 – full statement

American Idol Viewers didn’t expect any eliminations on Monday, but they got one anyway.

17 years later Kennedy AndersonA Top 24 performer on Christina Perry’s “Human,” Ryan Seacrest cut the broadcast with an important message about Anderson’s future in the competition, or lack thereof.

“You may have noticed that there was no voting information during Kennedy’s performance now,” Seacrest said in one of the studios. “Since we recorded these shows in Hawaii earlier, Kennedy decided to withdraw from our show for personal reasons. We send her our best wishes.”

TVLine also received the following statement from Fremantle Media: “We are disappointed to see Kenedi leave, but we are excited to watch this festive 20th season unfold with incredible talent vying to be the next American Idol.”

Are you surprised? Join the club. Anderson has been a front-runner for this season since her audition last month. Sitting at a piano, she blew the minds of judges (and viewers) in impressive and uniquely memorable fashion to Lady Gaga’s “applause,” which earned her a coveted platinum ticket.

Of course, Anderson is not the first Idol We hope to leave the competition early. only last season, White Pike withdrew in a similarly vague way. (Then there was Caleb Kennedy, who announced his “departure” after a Reappeared racist video Online.)

Are you disappointed by Anderson’s sudden departure? Click PLAY on the video below to experience the amazing performance again Leave a comment with your thoughts on her decision.

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