Answers to crossword and Sudoku puzzles online for 03/23/2024

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Los Angeles Times Crossword

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Daily commuter crossword


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Batter: Rugby's sickle mascot

Answer: The little lion was learning to look like an adult, and it was a great success

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Cryptographic puzzles

Celebrity coding

“The world is my country, all of humanity is my brothers, and doing good is my religion.” -Thomas Paine

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Encrypted quote

Our life is March weather, wild and quiet in one hour. -Ralph Waldo Emerson

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A good description of Christmas gifts like crystal balls and tarot cards: psychic gifts.

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Other puzzles


Ohio, Iowa, Utah, Maine, Montana

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Organ, biography, suede, exudes, disturbances

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7 little words

  1. speech
  2. Screaming
  3. Self-confident
  4. Gaborone
  5. Eiffel
  6. Templeton
  7. Naysayer

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Find the words

Some severe weather ahead

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