Apex Legends developers break their silence after the devastating ALGS hack

Jeremy Gunn

Respawn has announced a new batch of security updates for Apex Legends after a series of devastating hacks derailed the ALGS tournament.

On March 17, Apex Legends was hit with a series of hacks when two players were cheated into a private pro-ALGS lobby against their will, leading to massive chaos.

The ensuing debacle led to debate over whether Apex Legends' third-party anti-cheat software, East Anti-Cheat, was the problem or if it was something more nefarious.

Now, two days after the hacks went down, Respawn has issued a full response to the hacks, announcing a new batch of security updates coming to the game.

“On Sunday, a small number of Apex Legends pro player accounts were hacked during the ALGS event,” Respawn addressed on its own page. Official Twitter page.

“The safety of the game and players is our highest priority, which is why we have paused the competition to immediately address the issue.”

Respawn then revealed new updates that seek to address the issue, explaining how “our teams have deployed the first of a series of multi-layered updates to protect the Apex Legends player community and create a safe experience for everyone.”

Respawn did not reveal any details about how hackers exploited the game, but it confirmed that they are working to solve the problems around the clock.

The Apex Legends Esports account updated players about the postponed matches. While tournament organizers are still working on a solution, they have reminded fans that “security and competitive integrity” are of the utmost importance.

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So far they have announced that no changes will be made to the Split 1 Playoffs in May, and more information about the directly affected NA Pro League Finals will be shared in the near future.

The new security updates come as Easy Anti-Cheat, Apex's third-party anti-cheat tool, shuts down any rumors of vulnerabilities in its system, among other features. Epic Games titles (who also regularly use anti-cheat software) Pro.

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