Apple is working to fix the issue that causes iPhone alarms to not sound

Apple is working on a quick fix to get everyone back on track

A software issue has caused some iPhone users to fall asleep to silent alarms, leading to a wave of frustrating posts on social media. Many people rely on their phones as their primary alarm clock, and unexpected wakeups can cause some chaos for early risers. Fortunately, Apple is working on a quick fix to get everyone back on track. BBC mentioned,

One social media user complained that she set “five alarms” and they didn't go off.

While confirming the issue with silent iPhone alarms, Apple did not specify the cause or offer a workaround to prevent missed wake-up calls. Additionally, the number of affected users and specific iPhone models are still unknown.

The news originally appeared on NBC's Today Show, highlighting the plight of early risers. In the absence of an official fix, users can try some workarounds:

Double check the settings: Make sure alarms are set correctly and that the volume is appropriate.

Suspected attention advantage: Some speculate that Apple's “attention features” may silence alarms.

These features, available on iPhone X and later models, automatically adjust the alert volume level based on the user's attention. TikTok users suggest that these features could mute alarms if users sleep facing the screen.

Apple is aiming for a quick fix, but until then, users may need to resort to older alarm clocks to ensure they wake up at the right time.

Broken iPhone alarms are nothing new on iOS – in 2015 Apple released an update to fix their alarms, among other things – and they happen on other devices too.

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