Apple’s smashing iPad ad was trashed by celebrities and just about everyone else

Apple’s new iPad Pro won’t hit shelves for another week, but the product that describes itself as “Apple’s thinnest product yet” has already been crushed by a new ad.

The ad was released yesterday in a virtual launch by the tech giant ahead of the launch of the new iPad on May 15. The minute-long ad is called a fan. Moreover, the TBWA Media Arts Lab created a trailer with a soundtrack to Sonny and Cher’s 1971 song “All I Ever Need Is You” that literally crushes most of the material history of creativity in a heavy-handed way that makes the Reagan-era New Coke fiasco seem like a near-victory.

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As Apple tries to revitalize flagging iPad sales, CEO Tim Cook praised the announcement and the upcoming tablet online on May 7 with the phrase, “Just imagine all the things that will be used to create it.” That’s Cook’s job, but it appears the CEO was almost alone in his view as the announcement sparked a vitriolic backlash from almost everyone.

Among those criticizing the tech giant for its sheer insensitivity and wrongdoing are Hugh Grant and Justin Bateman.

Often stinging Wonka The star took a bite out of Apple earlier on Wednesday:

The second doctrine Writer and Luke Cage Creator Chiu Hodari Coker said the ad was really problematic:

A former activist and veteran of the fight against artificial intelligence Family ties Star and director Bateman was more frank in her reaction:

In fact, Bateman provided an example of how Apple can repair the wound of its self-inflicted destruction:

However, it is still a far cry from Apple’s anti-authoritarian breakthrough 1984 The original ad from 40 years ago a fan The ad has been viewed nearly 400,000 times on YouTube since its release on Tuesday. As is usual with most videos Apple posts on the platform, comments have been disabled.

This was probably the best decision Apple made in this whole situation.

Apple, which is usually impeccable in its marketing and communications, did not respond to a request for comment on this matter. a fan The ad and the reaction it witnessed. If that happens, we’ll update this post.

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