Arab League Summit, UN on ‘Occupied Palestinian Territories’

“About 500 tons” of aid en route to a temporary US port in Gaza

This was announced by the US Army on Thursday“About 500 tons” Humanitarian aid will be transported and distributed to Gaza in the coming days “Among Many Boats” After establishing an artificial port on the shores of the territory besieged by the Israeli army.

“A few hours ago, a temporary port was successfully set up on a beach in Gaza”, recalls Brad Cooper of the US military’s Middle East Command (CentCom). The announcement was made on Thursday morning On that day. Aid will be distributed under upstream control in Cyprus “quickly” Once in Gaza thanks to this new infrastructure, he emphasized. Further, “Thousands of tons of aid are ready”And coming towards Cyprus said Mr. Cooper.

According to the Pentagon, the ship was scheduled to be completed on May 2 at a reported cost of $320 million. The plan was announced by President Joe Biden in March to offset restrictions on land aid to the Gaza Strip by Israel, a historic US ally.

It is the UN, and “More specifically the World Food Programme, which distributes aid on the ground.”, Israeli army spokesman Nadav Shoshani confirmed during a press conference. Naval and infantry troops supervise it “Humanitarian Action”He added, without elaborating, and emphasized that aid was coming into the Gaza Strip by road.

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