Arms to Iran, Israel… Sébastien Lecornu responds to LFI's “obscene exploitation”

Thomas Samson/AFP Photographed by Sébastien Lecornu in the main courtyard of the Invalides on February 27 (Photo by Thomas Samson/Pool/AFP)

Thomas Samson/AFP

Photographed by Sébastien Lecornu in the main courtyard of the Invalides on February 27 (Photo by Thomas Samson/Pool/AFP)

Political – Armed Forces Minister goes ahead. In an interview with Parisian This Sunday, April 21, Sébastien Lecorne returns to the explosive atmosphere in the Middle East, particularly marked by the Iranian-led attack on Israel and the debates this situation has provoked in France. An opportunity for the person involved to respond to the many controversies that have arisen in recent days regarding the extent of Paris's involvement on the site.

First point: the context in which French forces intervened to intercept several drones and missiles aimed at the Hebrew government. Monday April 15, LFI representatives Aurélien Saintoul and Bastien Lachaud asked in a letter Regarding the legitimacy of French action both domestically and internationally.

We have many sites in Levant. Some have been linked to the coalition fighting Daesh in Syria and Iraq, known as Operation Sammal. Where we occupy a military hold, we do so under an agreement with the host nation, which includes the use of proportionate force for our defense. » replied the minister ParisianWho adds: ” We have taken necessary steps to protect our military assets against these threats, with the connivance of host authoritiess”.

Criticism of Israel's security?

Beyond this clarification, Already done by mail, the Minister of Armed Forces questions the intentions of rebellious France in this matter. ” I can't help but think that some Inzoomis representatives are taking advantage of this because it affects Israel's security.laments that.

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A second item that Sébastien Lecornu targets for melancholic troops is arms sales to Israel.

He reiterates that France will not sell if the Minister of Armed Forces has already refused the supply of equipment to be used in Gaza. No weapon » In Tel Aviv. ” We mainly have spare parts exchanges, 15 million euros in 2022 – or 0.2% of our exports! —, including for example elements of the Iron Dome, and therefore for the safety of the public”, Sébastien assures Lecorne, “ The extreme left who were knowingly suspicious of the French position wanted us to cancel the licenses for the barbaric exploitation and Iron Dome. “.

“Primary American Resistance”

In a similar vein, the Minister of Armed Forces found in the LFI position a willingness to question the security of the Hebrew state. ” When looking at performance [du Dôme de fer] Last Saturday… I referred them to their responsibilities – or their irresponsibility”, He condemns. Another point of contention involved La France Insumais (Like a national rally), came under NATO operational control of the aircraft carrier Charles-de-Gaulle for the first time in its history. According to LFI, this move calls into question the sovereignty of the French nuclear deterrent (A reading disputed by experts on the subject)

On this issue, Sébastien Lecorne refuses to give up sovereignty and insists that the military is whatever is available to France within the framework of the Atlantic Alliance. At no point was the French out of political and military control “. To the Minister of Armed Forces, ” Behind NATO lies the temptation to pander to primal anti-American sentiment “. a standard we actually see in many international positions expressed by Jean-Luc Mélenchon and France Insoumise. As in RN.

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