Army veteran Jack Teixeira pleads guilty to leaking classified documents

Jack Teixeira, a young American soldier arrested in 2023 for leaking classified security documents, specifically on the war in Ukraine, pleaded guilty on Monday, March 4. Spying.

Jack Teixeira, 22, appeared in federal court in Boston wearing an orange prison jumpsuit. He admitted to disseminating information related to US national security, but prosecutors will not charge him with espionage, which could have earned him prison time.

“Mr. Teixeira put America's national security aside and took an oath to defend his country and the faith of the American people.”His deputy, Matthew Olsen, announced in a press release from the US Department of Justice.

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By reaching a plea deal, the Air Force National Guard recruit will escape criminal prosecution, but the judge could hand down a sentence of sixteen years and eight months in prison, a $50,000 (about 46,000 euro) fine and help intelligence officials. Understand how leakage is possible.

Embarrassment for Washington

Jack Teixeira has so far pleaded not guilty after being indicted on six counts by a federal grand jury — a jury of citizens who participate in the investigative phase. “Voluntary Retention and Exchange of Information Relating to National Security”, each is punishable by up to ten years in prison. Days after the leaks were published in the US press, the Federal Police (FBI) arrested him on April 13 outside his family home in Titan, south of Boston.

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Jack Teixeira, who was employed as a computer and communications specialist at a military base on Cape Cod near this historic New England town, posted confidential information in a discussion group on the Discord forum that spread to other social networks. The classified documents revealed U.S. intelligence concerns about the possibility of a Ukrainian counterattack. They also implied that Washington was gathering intelligence on its closest allies, particularly Israel and South Korea.

The affair has embarrassed Washington and raised questions about possible security breaches that allowed the young soldier to have access to this sensitive information despite his secret security clearance, despite his modest rank.

Minister Olson insisted “Unlawful Disclosures” Mr. By Teixeira “Affecting skills [américaines] Compromise based on intelligence [leurs] sources and methods and blinded the United States to threats from hostile nations and terrorist groups”.

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A new career

Also, the Justice Department announced on Monday the arrest on Saturday of an Air Force civilian employee assigned to the Strategic Nuclear Weapons Command (STRATCOM) headquarters at Offutt Air Base, Nebraska. Invasion of Ukraine.

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David Franklin Slater, 63, a former Army lieutenant colonel, was charged with passing classified information between February and April 2022. “By sending messages from a foreign dating site to his partner who claimed to be a woman living in Ukraine.”Especially on that day “Military Objectives and Russian Military Capabilities Related to the Ukraine Invasion”, according to a press release. She called him on the messages “Secret Information Love”Underlines the ministry.

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He will appear before a judge on Tuesday and, according to the same source, faces up to ten years in prison and a fine of 250,000 dollars (about 230,000 euros) for disclosing information related to national security.

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