‘Barbie’, ‘Aquaman 2’ and ‘Dune 2’ premiered – Deadline

Refresh for updates: Big things are expected here this morning at CinemaCon in Las Vegas as Warner Bros. struts down the 2023 slate.

Warner Bros. President of Domestic Distribution Jeff Goldstein and President of International Distribution Andrew Krebs were running across the stage in pink jumpsuits, in celebration of the studio’s expected late-summer event, Barbie.

“By show of hands who wore it better, Andrew or me?” Goldstein smiled

“As Barbie says, everyone looks better in pink!” Added exec distribution.

“I’m not sure, Jeff,” Krebs added.

“Hey, everyone, we’re both tickled pink,” Goldstein continued fidgeting.

The two promoted successfully this past weekend evil dead rise which pivoted from the Max Streaming service into an exclusive theatrical window. They also took time to reflect on the legacy of former distribution colleague, MGM’s Eric Loomis. This resulted in a 100-year studio reel with flashes of Elvis, Inception, A Star Is Born, Man of Steel, Mad Max Fury Road, The Great Gatsby It is set on the cover of Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling With You” by Baz Luhrmann.

David Zaslav, CEO of Warner Discovery, took the stage this morning, in an unusual appearance for a company executive at the beloved annual distribution and show.

“We tell stories, and you bring people in,” Zaslav said of a gallery in the room.

Also expected are Warner Bros Motion Picture director Michael De Luca and Pam Abdi (“Who’s the better of the two… I call them any time of the day and try to fit them into a movie I’m watching on Turner Classics,” Zas said today) as well. DC co-chair Peter Safran (fellow co-chair James Gunn on a world press tour for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3).

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“Mike, Pam and I were sitting in a room with James John and he was writing the Superman script,” Zaslav said. The director tells the Chief how his family was raised in the DC universe.

“There is one word we share (in this work), and it’s courage,” said Zaslav. “It’s a complex and risky business, but we’re here with a common love of filmmaking.”

Zaslav shared with the theater how he saw it To sir with love With his father, he was raised in Brooklyn.

Zass thought about the recent loss of Harry Belafonte. “I wanted to pay tribute to those who inspired me, like Sidney (Poitiers).”

“I am convinced, that there is no other place to watch motion pictures, and the effects are on all over the world … We believe in the full window of the company, we do not believe in direct broadcasting. Movies do better on the service after they first appear in cinemas,” confirmed Zass, who explained – Even more than the live broadcast business.

The Zas asked the theater owners to help them bring people back to make the business stronger than ever. “We’re a story-telling company, we’re not in the broadband business, we’re not in the phone business,” he continued, speaking of the new era of Warner Bros Discovery, leaving behind an era owned by AT&T.

Zass thinks of a moment 15 years ago that was meeting Oprah Winfrey and creating OWN. “We went on this journey together… There is no tougher fighter in the world than Oprah Winfrey. We created America’s No. 1 network for the black community. We became close friends. When the deal closed (Warner Bros. discovery) then I called Oprah. How did this happen? This The deal… We were sharing this joy… Mid-conversation Steven Spielberg and I said we’re making a movie for you, Violet color, musical For you… I thought to myself, growing up in Brooklyn, I don’t think that’s something I’d see here because Oprah Winfrey and Steven Spielberg are making a movie for me.”

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Winfrey took to the stage with director Blitz Bazawule’s pic, telling the room it was her first time at CinemaCon. “This is the first moment for me to be a part of this movie,” said Winfrey, who starred in the 1985 version of the novel by Spielberg’s Alice Walker.

Winfrey said that the musical remake brings “the wholesome goodness of the family” to the screen. She complimented Bazawule, “We knew you were the director to bring this version to the screen. How did you know you were the one?”

Bazaul, “I began this journey with the utmost respect for you, but also for Alice Walker, whose writers have given us this remarkable story… At its core it is about finding your voice and your family and overcoming the obstacles that bring you down.”

“We’re going to put the groups in the seats,” Winfrey said, “It’s a celebration of sisterhood.”

Purp colorle opens on christmas day.

Meanwhile, Gunn told the world what comes out of this AM show:

Keep fresh because we tell you more. Here we’re crammed into second-level seats at Caesars Palace’s Colosseum Theatre, elbow-to-elbow.

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