Beef: Netflix’s new dark comedy series “Wild” gets a Rotten Tomatoes score of almost

Netflix’s latest series is already making waves with viewers, achieving a near perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Access to the broadcast site on Wednesday (April 6), meat is a black comedy produced by A24. Who are the stars minari Actor Stephen Yeun and comedian Ali Wong are two strangers who get into a fury road accident.

Reviewing the Rotten Tomatoes aggregator website, meat It has a score of 99 percent at time of writing on the critic-backed Tomatometer, as well as a score of 96 percent based on audience reviews.

The show’s writing and performances (by Yeun and Wong) were praised by critics, indicating that meat It’s this year’s Emmy Awards.

write to salonMelanie McFarland said: “Someday in the future academics may see meat As a disguised televsion distillation of the collective mood of the early 21st century, an ongoing and worsening state of societal epidemic rage.

“Hyperbolic? Maybe. But I challenge you to find another series that channels the spectrum of rage to the point of insanity, beauty, and insanity while, for the most part, maintaining its focal clarity.”

on RogerEbert.comBrian Tallerico wrote: “Steven Yeun is simply one of the best actors of his generation, and he makes a lot of great decisions here.

“Wong matches Yeun-for-beat from the first episode to the last. It is easily the best acting work of her career, and I hope it opens dozens of doors for her in terms of future collaborations.”

(Andrew Cooper/Netflix)

British GQMeanwhile, Jack King said so meat It was Netflix’s best new show since then Squid game.

Thank goodness, then, for Stephen Yeun—an evergreen statement if you’ve ever seen one—and meat, a Russian doll– A great return to the archetype of original programming, and unequivocally the best new series they’ve launched since 2020 Squid gameKing wrote.

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“Riding the welcome wave of new Asian American media that has emerged over the past two years… meat is an innovative comedy-drama from Mega Hip Studio A 2410 30-minute episodes revolving around a quintessential Los Angeles road rage incident.

meat It’s on Netflix now.

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