Biden’s speech today: NATO press conference held as president’s popularity stagnated due to Russia’s stance

Joe Biden talks about ‘New World Order’ in Business Roundtable headline

President Joe Biden will meet with the leaders of the Group of Seven after this morning’s extraordinary summit of NATO member states at the alliance’s headquarters in Brussels. Thursday’s meetings will coordinate with NATO allies on military aid to Ukraine, new sanctions on Russia, and strengthening defenses in Eastern Europe. The United States also formally accused Russian forces of committing war crimes in Ukraine.

More meetings are scheduled for Thursday afternoon, including with European Council President Charles Michel, after which the president will address a council summit on the war in Ukraine.

Besides the prospect of a new multilateral approach to Russia and its military actions, there are reports that the United States is considering taking in as many as 100,000 refugees displaced by the Russian invasion. It would represent the country’s largest refugee population in years, but it would be just a drop in the ocean as millions of Ukrainians flee their homes in search of safety.

When Biden travels to Poland on Friday, the possibility of visiting the border with Ukraine has emerged, although there has been no confirmation from the White House.

At home, the latest polls show that a majority of Americans want the president to take a tougher stance on Russia, while his popularity has remained unchanged since the start of the conflict in Europe.


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Biden asked about the 2024 election

“In the upcoming election, I will be very lucky if I have the same man running against me,” President Biden says of former President Trump.

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When asked if he would visit refugees while in Poland, he said he wasn’t supposed to say where he was going.

“I plan to try to see these people I hope…” he said. He stopped himself before revealing his destination. “I hope to see a lot of people.”

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Should Russia be taken out of the G-20?

“My answer is yes,” Biden says, “Russia should be removed from the G-20, but the decision is up to all G-20 members.” He says that if others in the G-20 do not agree, Ukraine should be able to attend the G-20 and observe.

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Biden says the food shortage will “be real” as a result of Western sanctions on Russia because it and Ukraine “are the breadbasket of Europe.”

He spoke of US and Canadian intervention to make up for the wheat shortage and discussed ending restrictions on food exports with the Europeans.

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Biden asked about chemical weapons.

The president says “we will respond” if Putin uses chemical weapons in Ukraine, and that the nature of the response will depend on the nature of the attack.

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President Joe Biden opened his NATO press conference by saying, “Our weapons are flowing into Ukraine as I speak.”

“We will welcome 100,000 Ukrainians to the United States with a focus on family reunification,” he continues.

“Putin was betting on a NATO split,” says President Biden. NATO has never been – and has never been – more united than it is today. Putin is getting exactly the opposite of what he has intended to do since he went to Ukraine.”

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Watch live as Biden speaks after the NATO summit on the conflict between Ukraine and Russia

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Court hears Michigan governor’s kidnapping sought to “ignite” civil war and halt Biden’s election

A man pleaded guilty to participating in a kidnapping plot MichiganDemocratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer He told a courtroom that his alleged accomplices sought to “ignite” a civil war and disrupt the 2020 presidential election before they were spectacularly targeted. FBI The scorpion.

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