Black Friday TV deals direct: $569 OLED TV, 75-inch Samsung, $579 and more


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If you’re on a budget, it follows that you can save by buying old TVs. The 48″ Sony Bravia A9S was released in 2021, and Best Buy slashed $200 from its usual pre-Black Friday price this year (We saw it for $898 at Walmart earlier this week, but it’s now down to a lower price.)

This TV gives you incredible picture quality in a compact and stylish design. At this size, it’s perfect for smaller rooms and gaming settings. The Sony Bravia A9S has Google Assistant and Chromecast integrated, and it also supports HDR and Dolby Vision.

LG A2 OLED 4K TV picture on a purple background

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Over the past week, the best-selling deal according to our data is The LG A2 OLED is available for $569 at Best Buy (Opens in a new tab) And it’s easy to see why.

For the price of the new gaming console, you get a mid-size OLED TV with perfect black levels and great contrast, as well as LG’s webOS smart TV platform. For the price, you can’t do much better than this.

Of course, if you’re looking for better performance, you can consider the LG B2 and C2 OLED which offer a 120Hz refresh rate and higher peak brightness, but you’ll pay almost twice as much to get one of these models this size.

It’s a solid choice with a screen size of 48 inches.

Welcome to the second week of our ongoing Black Friday TV Deals coverage. I’m Nick Pino, Managing Editor of TV, Audio and Video here at Tom’s Guide and I’ll be your guide as we track the best early deals along with my fellow editors who will keep this page updated all night long when I’m asleep.

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A little background about me: I’ve been covering TVs for various sites including Tom’s Guide and TechRadar for the better part of a decade, and I usually get a chance to see 60-70% of TVs that appear in a given year either for review or at a trade show Like CES. I’m very excited about this technology, and my goal is to get a big screen TV that everyone will love at a price they can afford.

I’ll be posting a couple of recommendations over the coming weeks (I’ll be shooting at least a few trades a day) but feel free to reach me at Twitter Or an email if you have a specific question about a deal.

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