Bomb blasts in Donbass, civilian evictions and fears of Russian military action

You missed recent events related to tensions Ukraine ? Do not panic, 20 minutes Takes stock for you daily at 7:30 p.m. Who did what? Who said what? Where are we? Answer below:

News of the day

East UkraineThe situation between the separatists and the Ukrainians has been tense since 2014. The bombings continued In the Ukrainian-controlled city of Stanitza Luganska will be heard, and public evacuations have been announced.

Donetsk region separatist leader Denis Bushlin announces withdrawal from the region Russia, “Primarily women, children and the elderly”. Leonid Bachechnik of the “Republic” of neighboring Lugansk did the same before calling all human beings “capable of being armed to defend their homeland.” A decision worthy of “Dirty Maneuver” By United StatesI saw in it the preparations for the military attack on Moscow.

Sentence of the day

“This is not a Ukrainian crisis. This is a Russian crisis. ⁇

Chairman of German diplomacy Annalena Barbach this Friday denounced the “absolutely unacceptable threat” that Russia represents for European security, believing that the crisis is Russian, not Ukrainian.

Number of days

190,000. This is the number of Russian troops in the suburbs of Ukraine and its borders, according to US estimates on Friday. This assessment, which includes separatist forces, explains the intensity of the conflict Washington He spoke of the 150,000 soldiers on the country’s border so far.

The trend of the day

Expansion continues in Ukraine and fears of Russian military intervention intensified on Friday. Clashes between Russian-backed separatists and Ukrainian forces have multiplied. Anthony Blingen, the head of US diplomacy, condemned the implementation of a “scene” of “provocations” designed by the Russians to justify the attack on Ukraine.

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DisgustingVladimir Putin He accused Kiev of provoking the conflict and noted that “the situation in Donbass is deteriorating.” In an interview with his Belarusian counterpart Alexander Lukashenko, the leader announced tomorrow without further details “one of the most important events in the context of this military cooperation.”

A call for peace like thatEmmanuel Macron, Calling for a “cessation of military operations” is on the rise. A virtual meeting of European nations and NATO is scheduled for this Friday and for the US president Joe Biden Talk to you at about 10 p.m.

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