Boundary reporters have warned of the disappearance of a journalist

“Journalists should not be the target of war.” On Twitter, Friday, March 18, the Reporters Without Borders organization said to itself “Deep Concern” Journalist Victoria Roshchina goes missing in Ukraine “As if she hid the conflict”. “We urge the release of information on his whereabouts and conditions and his immediate release.” The NGO insisted on the social website.

Victoria Roshchina works for the Ukrainian media outlet Hromatsky, an online television channel. On Twitter, editorial staff say they lost contact with him on March 12, and that the journalist, who covers eastern and southern Ukraine, was arrested by Russian forces. “We learned that March 16 was the day before Victoria Roshchina was detained by the FSB.” Russian intelligence, Ukrainian media say.

On His website (Link in English)The European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) is also calling “Immediate release” Of the journalist. “According to Hromatsky, Victoria Roshchina had planned to go to Mariupol last week. Develops the system. It states that on March 11, while passing Russian tanks near Saboria, the journalist’s vehicle was the target of gunfire. Reporter and driver “He got out of the vehicle marked ‘Press’ and took refuge behind abandoned houses nearby. EFJ details.

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The European Press Association says another Ukrainian journalist, Oleg Badur, has been missing since March 12.

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