Brad Pitt offers a thrilling ride for train assassins in the new Bullet Train Trailer

Five killers on the same high-speed train in Japan. What can go wrong?

the first Express train The trailer left the station, boasting Brad Pitt As one of those villains in what appears to be a wild ride.

The upcoming movie is based on the world’s best-selling action thriller. The original novel was written by Japanese author Kotaro Isaka Maria Beetlewhich has since been translated into English as Express train. The story follows killers Kimura, Prince, Ladybug, and a deadly duo of tangerine and lemon as they jump on a train from Tokyo to Morioka. Although it may seem that they each exist for different reasons, they soon realize that their missions have more in common than they thought.

director David Leech – Known for making impressive stunt pieces like John WickAnd the atomic blondAnd the Deadpool 2And the Fast and Furious Gifts: Hobbs and Shaw – He brings his work sensibilities to the material with a great staff, including joey kingAndrew Koji Aaron Taylor JohnsonAnd the Brian Terry HenryAnd the Sandra BullockHiroyuki Sanada Zazie BeetzAnd the Michael ShannonAnd the Logan Lermanand Benito A Martínez Ocasio (also known as bad bunny). (Lady Gaga was once In conversations to join the squadShe eventually left the project.)

Express train

Sony Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Brad Pitt play killers who fight on a train in the “Bullet Train”.

Backed by a screenplay by Zach Olkwiks, Pete plays a trained killer who doesn’t want to be “that guy” anymore, which is in stark contrast to the nature of his job. After his therapist (Bullock) sends him on a trip to collect a suitcase on a fast train as a “simple” act for his first day back, he comes to the conclusion that he’s not the only killer on the hunt.

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It makes the ‘Stayin’ Alive’ needle drop even more impressive.

Koji previously teased the upcoming on-screen intensity in Interview with EW. “The only thing I can say, is that you’ll see Brad Pitt do something, a kind of performance, I’ve never seen him do,” the actor said. “I just remember going, ‘Wow! I did it. I had no idea he would do that with this and take it that way. “

before Express train After the trailer was released on Wednesday, Sony dropped a bogus ad for the “quiet, comfortable and fast” Nippon Express. “Travel doesn’t have to be hectic,” Pete says in the promo — knowing full well that this trip will be anything but.

Express train It opens in theaters July 15. Watch the trailer above.

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