British boxer Sherif Lawal, 29, died after collapsing while making his professional debut.


British middleweight boxer Sherif Lawal died after collapsing unconscious during his first professional bout on Sunday.

The organizers of the fight announced his death, which came after the 29-year-old was injured in the temple in the fourth round by his opponent, Mallam Varela, at the Harrow Entertainment Center in London.

“Unfortunately, Sharif collapsed during his fight, and despite the efforts of paramedics, he was later pronounced dead,” promoters Warren Boxing Management said in a statement via Reuters.

“Warren Boxing Management would like to send our condolences to all of Sharif’s family, friends, coaches and all those close to him at this tragic time.”

The British Boxing Board of Control added: “The thoughts of everyone involved in boxing in Great Britain are with them at this difficult time.”

The fight between Lawal and Varela was the first on the card on Sunday.

They were scheduled to play six rounds in the match.

British middleweight boxer Sherif Lawal died during his first professional bout on Sunday. @almightysherifdeen/ Instagram

It is an unfortunate fact that deaths in the boxing ring are not uncommon.

In 2019, New York His compatriot Patrick Day died after suffering injuries during a 2019 game in Chicago.

Day lost consciousness during the tenth round of his seizure, and fell into a coma after brain surgery.

However, he would never regain consciousness.

Lawal was injured in the temple in the fourth round during his fight. Warren Boxing Management
Sharif Lawal passed away at the age of 29. @stpancrasabc/Instagram

Charles Conwell, the Olympic boxer whom Day was facing, said he “shed many tears because I could not imagine how my family and friends would feel” in an open letter to Day and his loved ones while he was in a coma.

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No additional details about Lawal’s death have been revealed.

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