Can Sean Payton and Tom Brady join forces in Carolina?

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A year ago, no one knew Saints coach Sean Payton and the Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady They were trying to join the dolphins. Eventually, word got out and shit hit the fan and the Dolphins didn’t have a first-round chance in 2023.

Now, with Brady set to become a free agent in March and Payton currently attracting interest from multiple teams, could Brady and Payton be on the same team next season?

Four teams are interested in Payton – the Broncos, Cardinals, Texas, and Panthers. The first two have back-up players under huge contracts. Texas needs a lot more than Brady to be competitive.

Enter cheetahs. The latest to officially join the Payton chase, Carolina has a very good defense, very good receivers, a solid running game, and an offensive line good enough to make it all go.

They also had an owner who was desperate for a great coach and quarterback. Although Brady would be a short-term option, he was filling the field and creating a lot of excitement.

Also, the NFC South is currently, simply, not doing well. The Panthers would instantly become favorites to win the division. They could fatten their record enough to become a top finisher, especially with a rotation schedule that has them facing AFC South and NFC North teams in 2023.

Duo Peyton Brady (Pyton joked last month On Brady’s podcast about possibility) she’ll also send a huge middle finger to 345 Park Avenue. In 2012, the league suspended Payton for a season due to trumped-up bonus fees. Six years ago, the league suspended Brady for four games on trumped-up air pressure charges. And with their bid for a partnership costing Miami a first-round pick in 2022, finally making it happen is sure to send panic and upset at league headquarters.

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He’s very logical, and he’s hiding in plain sight. We’ll find out in the coming weeks if that happens.

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